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Alien Golf GYRO G-180 Hybrids

Features That Will Benefit The Golfer Who Uses 
Gyro Weight Ring Technology

  • An additional 30 grams of Stainless Steel Mass is used in the Gyroscopic Weight Ring for the lowest and deepest CG (Center of Gravity) ever developed for Sand Wedge. This wedge is great from the fairway, but also more accurate than a conventional wedge out of bad lies, rough, fairway bunkers, green side sand traps and from under trees where increased accuracy is needed.

  • Alien Golf's GYRO G-180 Hybrid technology, enhanced with our exclusive Gyro Weight Ring design, is a great combination for the player who struggles with their short short game and scoring.

  • Hollow, Hybrid wood-like technology mixed with the Gyroscopic weight ring design gives Alien Golf's GYRO G-180 Short Game Hybrid Sand Wedge the highest M.O.I. ever developed to reduce twist at impact and increased accuracy. A lower center of gravity in the design of the 56 degree sandwedge also creates shots that "jump" out of sand or rough and have the additional spin necessary to stop on a dime when they reach the green.
  • Alien Golf’s GYRO G-180 Series Hybrid is a fantastic trouble club. They are 120% more accurate compared to a conventional wedge from 110 yards in and create shots that are laser-like in accuracy while landing softly on the green.

  • Alien Golf's “Tuck-Away” offset along with the GYRO Ring Design body reduces the tendency to push, or pull approach shots into the green or out of the sand.  Placing the hands just in front of the club head is essential to consistency.

  • Non-Drag wide body sole allows for a smooth takeaway and follow through even in the toughest sand traps around the green.  Wiry grasses are also no match for the Alien Golf GYRO G-180 Series hybrid sand wedge design.  Long sand and bunker shots are made easier with these hybrid style heads since there is no chance for the leading edge to dig into sand which can occur with a conventional sand wedge design.


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