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Alien Golf Titanium Hosel Hybrid Irons

Full-Set Alien Golf Titanium Hosel Hybrid Irons

Taking Hybrid Irons To The Next Level!


Why settle for just a hybrid #3 and #4 when Alien Golf can give you seven more!


Alien Golf has taken hybrid iron design to the next level for an “out-of-this world” playing experience. All of the superior characteristics that are found in today’s long-iron hybrids are also found in the Alien Advantage Hybrid H/3 and H/4. But, only Alien Golf offers these same superior playing characteristics in a complete set of irons. Advantage Hybrid irons are available in Long, Mid and Short Game lofts, from H/3 through H/Sand,
nine irons to a set!


Three High-Tech Materials for Improved Ball-striking and Lower Scores.

The secret to Alien Golf’s new ADVANTAGE Hybrid Iron is the use of titanium, tungsten and stainless steel in one incredible design.













alien golf hybrid irons

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