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Alien Golf X-Change Putter System

Introducing Alien Golf's X-Change Interchangable
Body-Putter System

A Break Through In Putter Technology, Feel and Accuracy


The Interchangable Alien Golf X-Change putter system is a breakthrough technology which will help any golfer lower their score on the golf course, while increasing their own enjoyment of the game……all at a huge savings when compared to other major brand putters


What is an Alien Golf X-Change Putter System?

  • One putter with three interchangeable body heads. Each head has a different shape and weight to help compensate for various green speeds a golfer might encounter when playing multiple courses. Each also sports a different alignment system to compensate for the player’s needs through out the season.

  • It is a Tour Designed, top quality, leading edge putter for men (35”) or women (33”)

  • In addition to the high tech body design found on the assembled putter, there are two additional body styles that can be quickly exchanged for the one found on the putter

With its easy to use Torque wrench, and two screws which attach the body to the face
of the putter, any golfer can switch from one style of putter to another in 30 seconds or
less. Just remove one body style, to allow another to take its place. Fast and Simple.



alien golf x-change putter system

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