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Alien Golf GYRO G-180 Sand & Approach Hybrid

The Short Game Just Got Better

Where Evolutionary Technology Meets Revolutionary Technology


Alien Golf has created golf’s best hybrid for short game improvement.  Hybrid Iron/Wood Technology incorporated with a GYROSCOPIC WEIGHT RING DESIGN and 56 degree loft that will take any player’s game from the fairway, or green side bunker, into the flagstick to a whole new level!. The Alien Golf GYRO G-180 series 56 degree loft Sand Hybrid is deadly accurate out of any lie you can encounter with unparalled consistency.
You would expect this from the company that pioneered hybrid technology with the original Alien Golf Sand Wedge.  One of the most innovative and popular clubs of its time, the Alien Golf Sand Wedge was the club of choice for hundreds of thousands of players. Now that technology has been updated and improved to take your short game to another level with our new Gyroscopic weighting technology.
So much emphasis is placed on hybrids that will improve long-iron play for mid to high handicapper’s, however up to 27 shots per round are made from within 110 yards of the flagstick. That's 27 chances to improve your score with the new Gyro G180 Hybrid Sandwedge from Alien.
Until now, the M.O.I. (Moment of Inertia)  found in a conventional sandwedge has been tested and found to be very unforgiving since heel and toe weighting is not emphasised by manufacturer's when it comes to short game clubs . With the introduction of the Alien Golf GYRO weight ring technology, M.O.I. has increased by almost 120% over conventional sandwedges which means that the Alien G180 Hybrid Sandwedge will not twist off line on miss hit shots and your short game will produce lower scores. The Alien Golf G180 Hybrid Sandwedge is a revolution in technology for your short game and will produce amazing improvement in accuracy and consistency for golfers of every handicap level.



gyro g 180 sand

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