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Rapid Aim Design


Alien Golf, a leader in hybrid technology and game improvement, introduces the most advanced junior golf club in the world…the Rapid.Aim.Design.  JUNIOR HYBRID IRON.




The Alien Golf R.A.D.  junior hybrid irons are designed with young golfers in mind, unlike other junior clubs that are simply smaller, shorter versions of adult clubs.

  • Each Alien Golf R.A.D.  hybrid iron features a “wood like” wider sole to compensate for the flatter swing arc generated by younger players. This wide, deep sole effectively places 50% more mass than conventional irons, under the ball, lifting shots up more quickly into a soaring trajectory.
  • R.A.D.’S wider deeper sole also allows for much greater forgiveness than a conventional iron sole. This deeper center of gravity weighting system ensures that even with the slower swing speeds generated by young players, the ball will always come off the club face with the desired launch angle necessary to give each boy or girl the distance potential they need to play longer, straighter shots.
  • The extra wide, low profile design of the Alien Golf R.A.D.  hybrid iron also improves forgiveness on miss hit shots to further enhance the clubs performance.
  • Extra deep cavities allow for the highest Moment of Inertia (M.O.I.) ever achieved in a junior iron. This is a result of the hybrid technology built into the design and greatly reduces twisting at impact.
  • Alien Golf's R.A.D. simple Rapid Aim Design, allows the junior golfer to see exactly where they should be aiming at address. This system of striped lines found on the top, or upper part of the sole at address, also provides Mom or Dad the opportunity to see exactly where the clubface is aimed.  This can be a tremendous aid for them to be more instructive to the young player who is taking up the game of golf.
  • Accentuated lofting of each hybrid Alien Golf R.A.D. iron ensures that shots soar to an optimum trajectory, no matter how low the swing speed generated by the young player. Unlike other junior irons that are lofted the same as an adult club of the same number would be, the Alien Golf R.A.D. hybrid irons feature three degrees more loft per number, in order to compensate for slower swing speeds and flatter attack angles that are prevalent in younger players.


alien golf junior hybrid iron


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