Alien Golf Tutch Track Hybrid Sand Wedge

The New Alien Golf Tutch Track Hybrid Sand Wedge


Alien Golf is the leader in score improvement club designs, and the new Tutch Track Hybrid Sand Wedge is another first for the golf industry. With its advanced "Tutch Track" sole design and Hybrid Iron/Wood Technology this 56 degree wedge will take any players game to a whole new level! It’s a green side chipper, it’s a short game hybrid iron from 70 yards in, it’s a trouble club from tough lies and it’s a deadly accurate hybrid out of the sand that will have shots landing closer to the flag stick closer than you ever imagined possible. The secret lies in its revolutionary Twin Track Sole and exclusive new Sole Fluting. Together, these enhancements reduce club head twist at impact and increase club head speed which is all important to lower scores through greater accuracy.











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